As Dems Take Over Congress Budget Crisis Looms at ESMD

AIP FYI #141: Slipping Away: FY 2007 Budget Increases for DOE Office of Science, NSF, NIST

"On Monday, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) and Rep. David Obey (D-WI) announced their support of legislation that in almost all cases would keep funding flat, and in other instances reduce or eliminate funding, for almost every federal department or agency through September 30, 2007."

Byrd, Obey Set Plan to Finish 2007 Bills, Senate Appropriations Committee

"Unfortunately, there are no good options available to us to complete the unfinished work of the Republican Congress. After discussions with our colleagues, we have decided to dispose of the Republican budget leftovers by passing a year-long joint resolution. We will do our best to make whatever limited adjustments are possible within the confines of the Republican budget to address the nation's most important policy concerns."

2007 funding measure will differ from continuing resolution, Dems say, Federal Times

"The measure that Democratic leaders of the next Congress are crafting to fund federal agencies for the remainder of the 2007 fiscal year will be a far cry from the continuing resolutions that agencies are accustomed to. Instead of providing a set amount of funding which in the case of the current continuing resolution, is the lowest of the House-approved, Senate-approved, or fiscal 2006 level lawmakers plan to create a much more specific document that may provide additional money where necessary to keep the agencies operating."

Editor's note: The continuing resolution regarding budget matters that Congress now seems set to adopt is causing major concerns in ESMD. ESMD needed a 700 million dollar rampup in FY 2007 in order to proceed with Constellation as planned. That budget increase won't happen if the NASA budget is fixed at FY 2006 levels - which is what this continuing resolution woudl do. As such, everything is apparently on the table. As one NASA source put it "a new round of carnage can be expected as what's left gets cut up to feed the Constellation dragon."

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