Boehlert to OMB: SEND More Money - No Rush on CEV

Rep. Boehlert Asks OMB for Additional Science Funding in FY 2008, Stresses Importance of ACI

"Last, but not least, NASA needs additional funding if it is to move ahead with both the Vision for Space Exploration and the space science, earth science and aeronautics research required by the NASA Authorization Act of 2005. There is no reason to launch the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle before 2014, and there is every reason to retire the Space Shuttle in 2010, as planned."

"Most important, NASA's science programs, which are its most successful and beneficial programs, must continue to thrive. The earth science program in particular is in danger of atrophying. At the very, very least, NASA's Science Mission Directorate must receive at least as much as was projected in the runout in the fiscal 2007 budget. Moreover, the "bread and butter" funding for NASA science, known as Research and Analysis, must be the top priority for funding."

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