Confusing Space Threat Verbiage

Remarks on The President's National Space Policy by Robert G. Joseph, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security

Editor's note: First he says: "But not all countries can be relied upon to pursue exclusively peaceful goals in space. A number of countries are exploring and acquiring capabilities to counter, attack, and defeat U.S. space systems. In view of these growing threats, our space policy requires us to increase our ability to protect our critical space capabilities and to continue to protect our interests from being harmed through the hostile use of space. To achieve this end, the United States needs to remain at the forefront in space, technologically and operationally, as we have in the air, on land, and at sea. Specifically, the United States must have the means to employ space assets as an integral part of its ability to manage crises, deter conflicts and, if deterrence fails, prevail in conflict."

And then he says this: "There is no arms race in space and we see no signs of one emerging.Instead, we believe our efforts should focus on ensuring free access to space for peaceful purposes and deterring the misuse of space."

I'm confused. Which is it? Threat or no threat?

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