Google Announcement Reaction

NASA Launches Google Collaboration, Washington Post

"The agreement was announced at NASA's Ames Research Center in California. Google had previously announced plans to build a 1 million-square-foot facility at the research park. But while Google will be the first major online collaborator with NASA, the agency said that the images are not exclusive and that it is working on similar projects with other Internet portals."

Touring space with Google, NASA, SJ Mercury News

"As an example of what they envision, NASA officials cited the Global Connection Project ( created by NASA, Google, National Geographic and Carnegie Mellon University. Using Google Earth satellite imagery, the Global Connection site provides close-up still images of natural disaster areas so emergency personnel can better see what help is needed and how to get supplies to the hardest-hit areas."

Nasa and Google form cosmic union, BBC

"NASA has collected and processed more information about our planet and universe than any other entity in the history of humanity," said Chris Kemp, director of strategic business development at Ames. "Even though this information was collected for the benefit of everyone, and much is in the public domain, the vast majority of this information is scattered and difficult for non-experts to access and to understand."

With NASA, Google Expands Its Realm to the Moon and Mars, NY Times

"The NASA Ames Research Center and Google announced Monday that they had signed a formal agreement to collaborate on a broad set of projects that could include virtual flyovers of the Moon and Mars, and other initiatives that will make NASAs vast trove of space and weather data widely available on the Internet."

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