iPod on ISS

Editor's note: If you look carefully at the large version of this image you will see a 5th 4th generation iPod attached to a Belkin external battery pack on the equipment rack directly in front of Thomas Reiter.

No word yet as to who this iPod belongs to - or what kind of music is loaded on it.

Editor's update: Apple's HotNews features a link to our little news item. We also made it into Wired's Cult of Mac Blog, the Sydney Morning Herald, and iPod Lounge.

Of course, iPods have a tendency to pop up in some very odd places ... [more]

[click image to enlarge] iPods have certainly managed to get around. Back in 2003, during a stint at the Haughton Mars Project on Devon Island (at 79 degrees N), I am willing to bet that there were times when I had the northernmost iPod on Earth. Of couse, some people flew higher - above Earth. This image of me and my first generation iPod was taken in front of the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse.

And yes, that is a Ron Jon's license plate on the ATV in back of me. Of course, Ron Jons' stuff is notorious for showing up in the oddest places. Gee, I wonder how this item found its way up to Devon Island?

NASA Image caption: ISS014-E-08795 (29 Nov. 2006) --- European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Reiter, Expedition 14 flight engineer, works with the Cognitive Cardiovascular (Cardiocog-2) experiment in the Zvezda Service Module of the International Space Station. Cardiocog-2 will determine the impact of weightlessness on the cardiovascular system and respiratory system and the cognitive reactions of crewmembers. The results of this study will be used to develop additional countermeasures that will continue to keep crewmembers healthy during long-duration space exploration.

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