Lunar Architecture Announcement Feedback

Man on the moon, II, Boston Herald

"Our spirits were lifted last week by NASA's announcement that it intends to establish a permanent moon base starting in about 2020. Not only is this a first step toward putting humans on Mars someday, it also offers outstanding opportunities for adventure, real scientific work and a few long-odds opportunities for gangbuster technological advances."

How much for a moon base? Don't ask, AP

"You ask what things will cost, I don't know yet," said NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, a detail-oriented engineer. "We just rolled out a very preliminary architecture."

A Condo on The Moon..., Time

"It's getting hard to find many Americans who remember where they were the last time men set foot on the moon. Not only had most of us quit paying attention to lunar landings by then, but 48% of us hadn't even been born by December 1972, when the last moon walkers left the lunar surface and headed for home."

Editorial: New Mexico could benefit from moon base, Albuquerque Tribune

"NASA has unveiled an ambitious and workable - assuming we're willing to pay for it - plan to put a permanent base on the moon. For those who believe in the potential and opportunity of space exploration, both manned and robotic, let us hope this plan passes quickly beyond the stage of big talk, handsome mockups and artists' renderings."

Editorial: NASA is off base with its lunar outpost, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Here's betting that 100 years from now, confirmation of present-day water flows on Mars will rank as the top achievement in space exploration for December 2006 -- and NASA's fanciful proposal for a permanent manned base on the moon will have been largely forgotten."

Moon Baseless, Slate

"For 20 years now, NASA has gone through one iteration after another of supposed "dramatic" self-reevaluations, and always come to the same conclusion: All existing spending programs having to do with the astronaut corps are sacrosanct, regardless of whether they serve any purpose."

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