Polar Regions and Expeditions to the Moon and Mars

Why the moon? And why Mars?, St. Petersburg Times

"Griffin: You mentioned a lunar base. What we're talking about there is a man-tended research station ... very much like what we see in Antarctica today. But what I'd say is hit the rewind button. ... Humans had been to Antarctica in 1912 ... And then nobody went again for 40 years. And when we went back it was with completely different technology and with research in mind and a long-term presence....That's the kind of thing we're talking about on the moon. By the time we go back it will be 50 years since we've been and we'll be going back with different technology and in much greater force."

Transcript of PBS NewsHour Interview with NASAWatch. com Editor Keith Cowing 5 December 2006, PBS

" ... And this is not unlike if you look at what we did in Antarctica. This is something very analogous, except it's in a much harsher environment and it's much further away from home."

Testing a Mars science outpost in the Antarctic Dry Valleys, Andersen, D.T., C.P. McKay, R.A. Wharton, and J.D. Rummel, Adv. Space Res., 12 (5), 205-209, 1992. Andersen et al.

An Antarctic Research Outpost as a Model for Planetary Exploration, Andersen, D.T., C.P. McKay, R.A. Wharton, Jr., and J. Rummel, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society 43, 499-504 1990. Andersen et al.

Mountaineering and Climbing on Mars,, Cowing, Keith, L., Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS, Vol. 57, pp.113-125, 2004

Greenhouses in extreme environments: The Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse design and operation overview, Advances in Space Research Volume 38, Issue 6, 2006, Giroux,Richard; Berinstain,Alain; Braham,Stephen; Graham,Thomas; Bamsey,Matthew; Boyd,Keegan; Silver,Matthew; Lussier-Desbiens,Alexis; Lee,Pascal; Boucher,Marc; Cowing,Keith; Dixon,Michael

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