Ignoring NEEMO (Again)

Finding NEEMO, Wired Science, PBS

"Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Neil dives underwater to find NEEMO, NASA's Extreme Environment Mission Operations program, and talks with crewmembers from the underwater lab Aquarius. Aquarius serves as an analog to the International Space Station, as NEEMO crewmembers experience some of the same challenges underwater as they would in space."

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Editor's note: Once again NASA JSC PAO seems to have no interest whatsoever in promoting NEEMO - including this high visibility PBS production. PBS issued a press release announcing this show back on 18 December 2006 - so its not as if JSC did not know the air date. What has me baffled is why JSC PAO went to all the logistical expense of allowing a reporter visit NEEMO - and then ignored the airing of the report that he prepared - a report that is 100% positive PR for NASA!

On the other hand, HQ PAO does have a link to another PBS Discovery Channel program on this evening which features ISS HDTV footage.

Editor's 4 Jan update: A link to the NEEMO segment suddenly appeared at nasa.gov a few minutes ago ...

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