LARC PAO Fiddles With YouTube

Editor's note: Have a look at this YouTube video taken at "Fish Lips" in Florida in June 2006. Lots of PAO types drinking. NASA HQ PAO's previous political hire (Joe Pally) is featured as is a gratuitous plug for aeronautics from Jonas Dino (ARC). You can hear someone in the background worrying that this is going "to get on the Web". The video was posted by Michael Finneran from LaRC PAO.

Editor's update: When I first found this video the other night it had been viewed 51 times. Less than 24 36 48 60 hours later that number has climbed to 545 1,816 2,610 2,912 3,610.

There was another video posted by Finneran - about a recent open house made onsite at LaRC. The video pretty much mocked the whole event and lack of attendance, as I recall. Despite being shot by a NASA PAO employee, this has since been relabeled as "private". Maybe Michael Finneran will let you see it if you ask him.

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