Major Instrument Problems On Hubble

Engineers Investigate Issue on One of Hubble's Science Instruments

"NASA engineers are examining a problem related to the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) aboard the agency's Hubble Space Telescope. investigation indicates the camera has stopped functioning, and the input power feed to its Side B electronics package has failed."

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report #4287

"HST entered Inertial Hold Safemode on 2007/027/12:34:38 GMT (Sat, 01/27/97) following a Total Pressure Sensor (TPS) limit violation. Autonomous safing actions included powering off the FHSTs and the FGS High Voltage and terminating High Gain Antennae (HGA) tracking. Data review following the safemode entry revealed: "Structure Current Safing Test limit was exceeded ~10sec prior to safemode entry, but HST structure current returned within limits before the test could fail." ACS safed due to loss of power."

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