More Insight Into the Next Generation of Space Explorers (Heads Up Lisa Porter)

New dinosaurs: Spelling, conversation skills, CNet

"The modern wired family is seeing a few mainstays going the way of the dinosaur: landlines, printed dictionaries, maps, newspapers and, of course, the need to remember phone numbers or learn to spell. That's according to a broad new national study, called "The Digital Family," released this week by the No. 1 cable network Nickelodeon. The findings are among the first examinations of technology usage in the home, and they're part of a wider effort among U.S. researchers to understand how rapidly advancing technology is changing the family structure, as well as the way kids communicate and are educated and entertained."

Editor's note: Gee, didn't NASA help invent a lot of this electronic and information technology in the first place? Wow, such pervasive societal spinoffs - and yet NASA doesn't even have a clue how to participate in this next (ongoing) revolution it helped to foment ...

Exhibit One: Lisa Porter, one of NASA's senior managers, says "I don't think that we need to adapt our educational strategies to the short attention span of today's students," stated Dr. Porter. "Rather, I think that we need to teach them discipline and perseverance. We need to coach them not to expect instant gratification, but to recover from failure and keep going - a quality shared by productive aerospace engineers."

Guess what Lisa, you are now obsolete. You need an upgrade.

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