New TV Special Under Development at NASA?

NASA Internal email: Proposal by NASA Astronaut Marsha Ivins for a TV Special on Project Constellation and Exploration

"History: I have a friend who works for New Line Cinema who is a screen writer, director, producer and huge space buff. I approached him with a thought about making a Discovery Channel or equivalent special, or series, on this new program NASA has to build the first new space vehicles of this generation, return to the moon, be once again great in an exciting and imaginative way. He loved the idea. ... The head of the group said to me the one sentence we would kill to hear any big time production company say - this is not a story that will make money for us but it's a story that MUST be told. When can we start! - A week later my friend said the head of New Line told him that he'd never seen any New Line group so excited and in fact they have moved out quicker on this idea than on any one they've had to date I'm told."

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