NSF Trumps NASA as House - and Senate - Science Priority (No Surprise)

AIP FYI #8: Upcoming Deadline: Senate Letter on Full Funding of NSF Request

"We are writing to request that you uphold the Senate Commerce, Justice, Science and Related agencies subcommittee request of $5.99 billion for the National Science Foundation (NSF) as you complete work on the fiscal year 2007 continuing resolution. This funding is essential because keeping the NSF at its 2006 level under the continuing resolution will jeopardize valuable research that fosters American competitiveness and innovation."

Letter from Members of the House to House Appropriators Regarding NSF FY 2007 Budget issues

"Thank you very much for your leadership in increasing federal funding for basic science research. As supporters of scientific research and education, we respectfully ask that you single out the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a priority in your fiscal year 2007 Continuing Resolution appropriations legislation. Specifically, we request that you fund NSF at the House-passed, President's requested level of $6.02 billion in fiscal year 2007. This is essential, because the flat funding for this agency under the Continuing Resolution will directly inhibit our national competitiveness and jeopardize American innovation."

Editor's note: So ... when can we expect a similar letter of support for NASA's space, aeronautics, and science programs - one organized by the Coalition for Space Exploration and all of those high-paid aerospace lobbyists?

American Competitiveness Initiative: No Room for NASA, earlier post

President Discusses American Competitiveness Initiative, White House

"We saw three really wonderful teachers, people who are dedicated to their profession, who deeply care about the students they teach. And for all of you here who are teaches, thanks for carrying on a really noble profession. We saw two scientists who are here from NASA."

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