Rift Between US and Russia - Or Bad Russian/English Translation?

Bleak outlook for Russian-U.S. space cooperation, RIA-Novosti

"The fact that Washington has stopped mentioning the ISS conforms with the logic and nature of U.S. statements. [Russian Federal Space Agency director Anatoly] Perminov said the United States is no longer setting forth any specific manned-mission directives. Russia would be unable to operate the ISS on its own, even with active EU assistance. The United States plans to scrap its shuttle fleet in 2010 and forget all about the ISS program. The Russian Federal Space Agency and NASA were expected to sign a contract on the sale of Russia's Soyuz and Progress spacecraft in the near future. This would have guaranteed subsequent U.S. involvement in the ISS program. It turns out, however, that this contract will not be inked anytime soon."

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