There are fake Klingons in the White House

Editor's note: Just when you thought the White House doesn't have anyone on staff with any space smarts Rep. David Wu (D-OR) drops this bombshell: "There are Klingons in the White House." Wu then goes on to note that these are actually "faux Klingons". I guess he is refering to the Klingons we saw in the original Star Trek series - you know, the ones without all the bumps on their heads. Wu then laments the lack of Vulcans in the White House. Of course we all know that the only Vulcan working on space in Washington is Mike Griffin. Rep. Wu has been on the House Science Committee for a number of years. Let's see if he raises this issue with Spock Mike Griffin and Shana Dale (she used to work there) when hearings commence in a month or so.

Watch, C-SPAN (via YouTube)
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