Today's NASA YouTube Feature: Exploring Ames

NASA-Ames After Hours by "flightsuit", YouTube

"Trip out on the unusual industrial landscape that is NASA-Ames' Moffet Field facility, as I drive too fast, trying to find the night-time exit and/or stuff that looks kewl and futuristic."

Editor's note: There's another video - shot at ARC - wherein "Flightsuit", who we learn was a volunteer for some NASA research last year, expresses both his admiration for NASA, aeronautics, and technology and his lack of approval for current Iraq policy. Not an unusual contrast of opinions for a young person in America these days.

"As my week of being a NASA test subject draws to a close, I am surprised by the depth of my own emotions."

Clearly, "Flightsuit" was really having fun during his week long stint at NASA ARC and was drinking in the ambience that goes with being inside a NASA research center.

I wonder what sort of videos other young people might make after similar experiences at ARC - and other NASA field centers. If you know of any, send us a link at

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