Today's NASA YouTube Feature: Interesting Personnel Transport at Dryden

Editor's update: I posted a link to this video on 26 January. The last time I checked, the view count went from 13 to 2,058 last night. Now the video (someone innocently riding a unicycle at DFRC) has been pulled - no reason given. The activity depicted was perfectly harmless. Indeed, I have seen people riding "official" bicycles at various NASA centers for years. If anyone knows why this was pulled, I'd like to know.

Editor's note: After landing at Edwards Air Force Base, NASA uses a variety of special rigs and hardware to get a Space Shuttle atop the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft for its ride back home to Florida. This video reveals a previously unseen mobility device used by at least one co-worker in and around the NASA DFRC Shuttle Processing Area (SPA):

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