Today's NASA YouTube Feature: What's This Guy's Secret?

Editor's note: While I am not an American Idol fan, I have seen it - and have seen some of the less than talented wannabes end up becoming famous - because they are so bad. This video shows someone (Brent Simon) singing "the Space Camp Song" which relates the wonders and joys of going to Space Camp. While Brent's performance is certainly not Grammy material, he seems to have spawned a fan club of sorts - with others producing their own tribute videos in response to his performance. Why feature this? When is the last time you saw a homemade video about the joys of space exploration getting 1,125,101 views (and counting) on YouTube? What does this guy know about popularizing space that NASA is missing?

Video responses

Speaking of fans, here he is perfoming the song on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in November 2006 - while wearing his Space Camp flightsuit.

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