Astronaut Lisa Nowak Charged With Attempted Murder

Editor's 4:26 pm EST note: Lisa Nowak was in court again. The judge is granting her release on $25,500 bail and is requiring that she wear a GPS tracking device.

Astronaut to be charged with attempted murder, LA Times

"Florida authorities were planning to charge a NASA astronaut with attempted first-degree murder charges for allegedly attacking a woman that she considered her rival for the love of another astronaut, officials said today. Jail spokesman Allen Moore told Associated Press that Orlando police were in the process of filing the more serious charge against Navy Capt. Lisa Marie Nowak, who flew last summer on a shuttle mission to the International Space Station."

Editor's note: When such personal tragedies are discussed in the "NASA family" it is important to bring the astronauts back to Earth - i.e. reality. They are actually rather normal people (despite the NASA-manufactured Right Stuff aura) and, as such, they are as vulnerable to life's temptations and susceptible to illnesses as anyone else.

Lisa Nowak clearly has some serious personal issues to deal with. She clearly crossed the line of acceptable behavior and she needs to deal with the consequences.

The unfortunate emotional problems one person has - and perhaps one coworker's indiscretion - should not be used to impugn the entire agency any more than is the case with similar situations which happen every day across the country.

However, the one possible issue to take up with NASA is how someone with such obvious problems could have been allowed any where near a space shuttle so recently.

Alas, just watch as the ill-informed try and wrongly transform this personal tragedy into one that encompasses all that NASA does, everywhere.

Shuttle astronaut arrested at OIA on attempted kidnap, battery charges, Orlando Sentinel

"A NASA astronaut is charged with attacking her rival for another astronaut's attention early Monday at Orlando International Airport, the Orlando Sentinel has learned."

Editor's note: Of course, the next time a movie studio tries to get NASA PAO to cooperate on a wild story, PAO can't say "oh that would never happen at NASA".

Charging affadavit, Orlando Sentinel

Lisa Nowak: NASA Bio, Wikipedia entry

Editor's 6 Feb 9:30 am EST update: Lisa Nowak is in court.

Steve Lindsey, her STS-121 commander is currently in court with her. He was asked if she'd have any contact with her alleged victim if she was released. He said that she would not. He said that she would not. When asked if wearing a GPS tracking evice would affect her ability to do her job, Lindsey said no, it would not. Lindsey said that, to the best of his knowledge, the two women did not know each other. The state replied that the nature of the crimes Nowak is accused of could result in a penalty up to life and has requested that Nowak be held without bond. The judge is asking for reason why she could not be granted pre-trial release. Her lawyer claims that she does not need a GPS tracker - and that she will be in Texas doing her job - and only visiting Orlando to consult with him. Her lawyer invoked her sterling career as evidence that she would follow the court's requirements pending any release. The State now claims that they see evidence that Nowak had clear intent to kidnap and injure the victim.

The Judge has decided to relase Nowak on bond and to dismiss the destruction of evidence count (third count). He said that the bond on the first count is $10,000, $5,000 on the second, and $400 on the fourth count. She is not allowed to have any contact (whatsoever) with the victm and is to have GPS monitoring at all times.

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