Astronauts Put Their Spacesuits On One Leg at a Time

Arrest mars stellar career, Reuters

"But despite the superstar culture, NASA has always known that its astronauts are "actually rather normal people," said Keith Cowing, a former NASA employee who now runs the Web site. "The only difference between her (Nowak) and any other technology professional is that sometimes she gets to walk around in a silver space suit. She's subject to all the temptations and weaknesses as everybody else," Cowing told Reuters."

Editor's note: The 'silver spacesuit' comment was a reference to an earlier comment I made about the "Right Stuff" image many associate with astronauts.

Crashing to Earth, Dr. Sanity (Pat Santy)

"I'm sure it is shocking to find out that they have unhappy marriages; engage in affairs; have problems with their kids; act out in all sorts of inappropriate ways. Why, they even get depressed at times. Of course, you don't hear about this side of things too much. Nor should astronauts private lives be the subject of Hollywood gossip columns."

Astronaut posts bail after being charged with attempted first-degree murder, USA Today

"After Laurel Clark died in the Columbia accident in 2003, Nowak helped Jonathan Clark sort out the paperwork from the Navy and also cared for the Clarks' son Iian. "Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and that's certainly the case here." Clark, who has voiced criticism of NASA since his wife's death, says the agency has turned a blind eye to both astronauts' mental troubles and their extramarital affairs. "Now you seee this is the consequence of not dealing with it you have someone whose life is destroyed," he said. "Maybe they'll start dealing with it."

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