Avoiding the Inescapable: Earth Is Warming - Pick Your Own reasons(s) Why.

NASA LaRC Email regarding censorship and global warming: A Message From the Office of Inspector General

"Pursuant to a request from 14 United States senators, the NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) is conducting investigative and audit activities regarding alleged "repeated instances of scientists ... having publication of their research blocked, solely upon their views and conclusions regarding the reality and impacts of global warming."

Bush spaces out during Sputnik moment, opinion, Boston Globe

"This is not surprising for a president who has thrown away every report on climate change as a silly bauble. Bush told us he was waiting for "sound science." Eisenhower heard the sound of Soviet science -- the beep of Sputnik -- and prepared America for blastoff. It appears Bush will not understand the need for science until dead satellites rain down on the White House lawn."

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