Billy O Does SNL

Editor's: In case you missed it, Billy O made an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night and charmed Weekend Update host Amy Poehler with a variety of lines - including a few diaper references. You can even go to this official NBC discussion board topic: "Astronaut Diaper Woman, write your joke for the story that writes itself" and post your own diaper jokes.

I have also seen online references where people use "going NASA" as a replacement for the 'gone wacko' phrase "going postal". This ain't good folks.

Alas, Isn't it curious that NASA often can't get itself into the news when it wants to - and can't get out of the news when it would rather not be there.

At least there's an upside (of sorts). Previously, a surprising number of NASA-related videos people posted on YouTube seemed to focus primarily on UFOs or faked moon landings. Now they seem to focus on Lisa Nowak's misadventures.

Imagine if people (especially the 'next generation') were as equally inspired to produce and post videos which focused on the promise and adventure of space exploration. What does NASA need to do in order to help that happen? The PR certainly can't get much worse.

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