Budget Reaction

Sen. Hutchison Applauds NASA Funding Increase in the President's Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Request
Gordon on President's FY08 Budget: Lacks Priorities, Consistency to Ensure U.S. Competitiveness
Space Foundation CEO: FY2008 Budget Proposal Inadequate to Assure Continued U.S. Leadership in Space
NASA Can Fix Its Budget Problems By Buying from Private Industry Instead of Competing with It!

Rep. Hall's Comments on President's Proposed FY08 R&D Budget

"As for NASA, the overall budget would increase by 3.1 percent. As promised, the President has prioritized funding for NASA, which speaks volumes for his dedication to funding American competitiveness and keeping our nation at the cutting edge of human space flight and exploration."

Sen. Mikulski Disappointed With Lack of Presidential Leadership on NASA

"In his 2006 State Of The Union Address, President Bush announced the American Competitiveness Initiative (ACI) to encourage American innovation and strengthen the nation's ability to compete in the global economy. His failure to include NASA in the initiative has meant a diminished Bush administration priority. Agencies included in the initiative, like the National Science Foundation (NSF), received an increase of 7 percent in the President's 2008 budget compared to his 2007 budget, while NASA only saw a 3 percent increase compared to his 2007 budget."

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