Despite Griffin's Stance, Science is Affected by NASA's Budget

NASA Tries to Make Space for Science, Science

"It is clear, however, that NASA's science program remains in crisis after having to pony up $2.44 billion from its 2007-2011 budget plan to cover shuttle and space station shortfalls. No spacecraft are slated to follow the large Earth-observing platforms now in orbit, and the earth sciences budget will remain at about $1.5 billion for the foreseeable future. Several important astrophysics flights, such as the Space Interferometry Mission, remain on hold because of budget constraints."

NAS Report: Cost Overruns, Cancelling of Small Missions Have Led to Lost Science Opportunities at NASA

"NASA's astrophysics program has achieved the agency's highest priority goals by focusing on large missions such as the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes but in doing so, it has squeezed out smaller missions that could be laying the foundation for future scientific discovery, says a new report from the National Research Council."

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