Earth Observing Systems at Risk

House Committee on Science and Technology Examines State of U.S. Weather Forecasting, Climate Monitoring Satellite Systems

"The nation is getting ready to spend a lot of money to deal with climate change in the coming years. I'm worried that we are going to be 'flying blind' if we don't ensure that America's Earth observation satellite system is up to the task of continuing to collect critical climate science data needed to guide our policy decisions," said Chairman Bart Gordon (D-TN)."

House Committee on Science and Technology Committee Told Earth Observing Systems at Risk

"The National Academies decadal survey states that the Nation's system of environmental satellites is "at risk of collapse." The report goes on to say that the current state of "budgetary constraints and programmatic difficulties at NASA and NOAA have greatly exacerbated this concern. At a time of unprecedented need, the nation's Earth observation satellite programs, once the envy of the world, are in disarray."

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