Help Find Jim Gray

Colleagues mount their own search for missing sailor - High-tech analysis, spy plane are put into service,

"And in an unusual move, NASA on Friday sent one of its ER-2 aircraft, a civilian version of the U-2 spy planes like the one U.S. Air Force pilot Gary Powers was flying when he was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960. The solo-piloted aircraft, equipped with both video and high-resolution digital cameras, spent three hours scouring about 7,000 square miles off the coast, in the hopes the cameras might pick up the boat or debris it may have left behind."

Tenacious Search at JHU

"Our friend and colleague Jim Gray set out sailing last Sunday and is missing. There is an all-out effort to search through available satellite images, with the hope that one of us might spot his boat."

Still no sign of sailor or his 40-foot boat, SJ Mercury News

" engineers used imaging software to split photos from a DigitalGlobe satellite into smaller segments, then loaded them onto Amazon's ``Mechanical Turk'' Web site -- where volunteers and other ``Friends of Jim'' can scan them from their own computers. To participate in the MTurk image analysis effort, go here.

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