Hiring Civil Servants Vs Outsourcing

NASA Strategic Management Council Meeting: Uncovered Capacity

"Looking ahead at the transition from the Shuttle and International Space Station to exploration, if there is no change in the way NASA does business, more and more of its work will go to contractors. Griffin is not looking to increase the number of NASA civil servants, but wants to ensure that in the future NASA civil servants are more involved in architecture and technical work."

NASA-Ames readies for budget cuts, Mountain View Voice

"Even though President Bush's budget proposal calls for a 3.1 percent increase in funds to NASA, officials at the agency, including NASA-Ames Director S. Pete Worden, say ambitious future projects mean it may not be enough to meet upcoming needs. Even so, Worden said, activities at Moffett Field are currently moving ahead as planned, with 50 new civil servant positions slated for the coming year."

Editor's note: as is mentioned by the author of this article "William D. Griffin, a NASA administrator" is somewhat erroneous.

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