Mike Griffin Testifies

Testimony of Michael Griffin - Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee on Space, Aeronautics and Related Sciences

"On February 15, 2007, the President signed into law a joint resolution stipulating FY 2007 funding levels for NASA and other Federal agencies. This appropriation reduces overall funding for NASA by $545 million from the President's FY 2007 request. The FY 2008 budget request could not possibly factor the impact of such a funding reduction from FY 2007 appropriation for NASA's carefully-considered multi-year programs, and thus, several programs in the FY 2008 budget request will be impacted."

Hearing notes

Griffin now expects a 4-6 month slip in delivery of Orion, thus pushing delivery into FY 2015 - with delivery in December 2014 at the earliest.

NASA will deliver an Operating Plan to Congress by 15 March that will outline adaptations to funding CR.

With regard to budget CR impacts, committee members asked Griffin for the amount money he needs to get back on track and then will try to go out and find that money.

When asked to comment about Lisa Nowak, Griffin said "Clearly she is in major trouble and clearly, as an institution, we failed to notice that she is deeply troubled."

Sen. Hutchison asked Griffin if he was satisifed with the ability to reprogram money to minimize the effects of the budget CR. Griffin said that he was not - and that he is more or less specifically constrained from doing so.

Nelson: Do you expect NASA to pass its next audit? Griffin: No.

Griffin has recieved the final report on the investigation of NASA's Inspector General from the Integrity Committee. Nelson asked for a copy. Griffin said that things need to be done first before tha can happen. Nelson said "this committee is not going to wait around" and that the committee has its own information on this matter - and will do its own investigation, if need be. Griffin said he can expedite his handling of the report but he cannot authorize the release of that report.

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