NASA and Virgin Galactic Sign MOU

NASA, Virgin Galactic to Explore Future cooperation

"NASA officials signed a memorandum of understanding Tuesday with a U.S. company, Virgin Galactic, LLC, to explore the potential for collaborations on the development of space suits, heat shields for spaceships, hybrid rocket motors and hypersonic vehicles capable of traveling five or more times the speed of sound. Under the terms of the memorandum, NASA Ames Research Center, located in California's Silicon Valley, and Virgin Galactic LLC, a U.S.-based subsidiary of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group, will explore possible collaborations in several technical areas employing capabilities and facilities of NASA's Ames Research Center."

Space trip deal with NASA, The Sun

"Virgin Galactica (VG) President Will Whitehorn confirmed the company had signed a co-operation deal with Nasa at midnight."

Editor's note: Gee, they can't even get the name of one of their country's more prominent and newsgrabbing business ventures correct. ("Galactica" is a TV show). Then again. what can you expect - this "newspaper" posts pictures of naked women everyday.

Virgin Galactic to train Nasa astronauts, Telegraph

"Virgin Galactic, the space tourism company set up by Sir Richard Branson, has signed a deal to help train Nasa astronauts. In return Nasa will offer technical advice to the pioneering firm, which hopes to send its first customers into space in 2008."

Editor's note: Wrong again, mates: According to NASA "The memorandum is only a framework to explore potential collaborations. It does not include training of NASA astronauts, an agreement to buy seats on a Virgin Galactic flight, or provision of technical advice by NASA to Virgin Galactic."

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