Nowak Story: Idiotic Banter From Fox's Talking Heads

Editor's note: Shep Smith's lack of knowledge - about anything - was clearly demonstrated once again today:

With regard to a possible defense: "I assume they must come up with some "post-astronaut something - or other..."

"She was caught wearing diapers. You know astronauts wear these diapers while they wait in the space shuttle. Maybe she had some lying around the house. Who knows"

But wait, there's more: Fox's pop analyst and pompous windbag Neal Cavuto just tried to compare Lisa Nowak's plight with that of convicted Wall Street inside trader Ivan Boesky.

Moments later, while John Gibson talked to some instant experts, a map showing Nowak's trip titled "900 Mile Diaper Drive" flashed on the screen. One Fox expert then said that "space and lack of gravity" caused her problems. Gee, what's next Fox? Poo jokes?

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