That Culture Stuff is Back at NASA

NASA GSFC Solicitation: Cultural and Current State Assessment of GSFC

"Over the next several months the Center will undertake a systematic future planning process. The foundation of this effort will be a cultural and current state assessment of the Center. Upon completion of this assessment, the Center leadership team will conduct a series of planning processes and establish the strategies for implementation. The cultural and current state assessment and subsequent planning processes will be designed, implemented and managed with consultation, support, and a proven track record in facilitation of the process from Frontier Associates."

Editor's note: This is curious. Shortly after Mike Griffin arrived, all of the 'culture' contracts NASA had put into place after Columbia were quickly ended. Now, the need for such activities has (apparently) resurfaced. I wonder what would have happened if NASA had simply stuck with what it was already doing (culture-wise) back in 2005.

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