United Technologies' Curious Newspaper Advertisement

Editor's note: Today's edition of the Washington Post has a half page color advertisement on page A12 [close up]. The ad was placed by United Technologies and focuses on a rather detailed diagram of how a spacesuit is constructed.

Alas, one thing is missing: the urine collection system i.e. "diaper" that is worn underneath. Normally, this would not be a big deal. Yet, given recent detailed news about how astronauts use diapers, you'd think that such a detailed diagram - one that deliberately begs the question as to how complex and functional these suits are - could do a public service by showing exactly how a spacesuit really works - including waste management.

Alas, UT not only avoids that issue - they compound the omission by putting the following quote in the ad - thus raising the topic: "Which leads us to the #1 question: How do the astronauts go to the bathroom? Like everyone else".

"Like everyone else"? I don't think so. Would you lock yourself in a bulky body bag for hours at a time without a way to pee?

Oh yes - then there's the totally odd quote at the bottom of the ad: "Could it even protect you from changing economic conditions?" Huh? Who is the audience for this advertisement anyway? These ads aren't exactly cheap.

Oh well, we're told to www.utc.com/curious/ for the answer.

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