Censorship at NASA

Statement of Rep. Henry A. Waxman Hearing on Political Interference with Science: Global Warming

"NASA scientist James Hansen is one of the nation's most esteemed experts on climate change. George Deutsch is a young and inexperienced former NASA public affairs officer who was tasked with managing the public statements of Dr. Hansen and other NASA scientists. Today. we will hear from both of them about their experiences."

Testimony by James Hansen: Political Interference with Government Climate Change Science

"... These orders were delivered orally, as usual, as was a threat of "dire consequences" if I did not comply. However, a new young political appointee at Public Affairs, apparently was not well-schooled in the rules and left a paper trail, including a description of a specific instance in which Public Affairs barred me from speaking to NPR, offering the Associate Administrator in my stead."

Testimony by George C. Deutsch III - House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

"Subsequently, several media reports accused NASA political appointees and others of censoring Dr. Hansen. I can only speak for myself and my time at NASA. I never censored Dr. Hansen, and I do not believe others at NASA did either."

Other testimony

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