Killing NIAC

Editor's update: Word has it that NASA intends to cancel funding for NIAC the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts. This is just plain stupid. Let me repeat this for clarity's sake, Mike, (whoever made it) this is A STUPID DECISION. Advanced spacesuits that will open the surface of the moon - and then Mars- to meaningful and productive human exploration, tethers and other innovative and upmass-saving technologies, and other in-space techologies.

Where are you going to get all of the things you need to put on those Ares rockets so as to allow their crews to carry out their missions, Mike? Or do you "just need a good map"? Explorers without the right tools die - or turn around - and head back home. Wrong answer, Mike.

Futuristic NASA think tank to be shut down, New Scientist

"But Keith Cowing, editor of the independent website NASAWatch, which broke news of the likely shutdown on Tuesday, says it does not make sense for NASA to cut funding to the institute. "This is one of the few places at NASA that embodies far-thinking, new stuff," he told New Scientist. "When they're cutting stuff like this, they're desperate, or stupid, or both."

NASA's Dreamers, Put to Sleep?, Wired

"We're hearing word that NASA is planning to kill off its way-out research arm. "This is just plain stupid," say the long-time space observers at NASA Watch. For sure. $3 million is a piddling amount of money for $16 billion organization."

Nasa grounds its ideas factory, The Guardian

"Former Nasa scientist Keith Cowing said the decision to close Niac was "just plain stupid". Writing on his Nasa Watch website, he directed comments to Nasa's administrator, Mike Griffin: ..."

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