Lisa, Colleen, and Bill- O Saga Continues

Love notes shed light on astronaut assault case, Orlando Sentinel

"A love note e-mailed to an orbiting space shuttle was one of the ways NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak learned she had a rival for astronaut Bill Oefelein's affections. Considered unemotional and shy, Nowak collected that e-mail and a dozen others showing her boyfriend had a new lover before she went on a bizarre, 969-mile odyssey last month to confront the woman in a parking lot at Orlando International Airport, according to documents released Monday."

Reader note: "Keith: Not that this is huge news or anything, but I thought you'd be amused at how unsecure the "love letter" email PDFs are, the ones being talked about in the Orlando Sentinel and other outlets. There are a number of blacked-out bits that can be deleted by opening the PDF in Adobe Illustrator. Shipman calls her boss a jackass, and her and Oefelein's email addresses can be seen. Whoever is covering over the information in an attempt to hide it had no idea how to do it right. Again, probably nothing earth-shattering, but amusing."

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