NASA budget Casualty List Grows

Hearing Charter: NASA's Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Request

"Lunar Robotic Precursor Program--NASA indicates that funding will be eliminated for any lunar robotic missions that were to follow the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and its accompanying payload--the LCROSS--which is scheduled to launch in October 2008."

"The Red Planet venture capital fund program, which was modeled on CIA's In-Q-Tel program, is eliminated in this budget request."

"ISS Cargo and Crew Transportation Services--According to NASA, the FY 08 budget request and five-year budget plan include an estimated shortfall of $924 million in funding needed for ISS Crew and Cargo transportation services. $308 million of the shortfall is supposed to be made up by the Space Operations Mission Directorate and the remainder has been placed as a lien against the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate's programs."

"Exploration Technologies--As a result of the shift of Advanced Capabilities funds to support the CEV/CLV development program, the amount of money available to support technologies not directly related to the CEV/CLV program needs has been significantly constrained, and the funding outlook is bleak for any near-term restoration of such long-term technology development activities."

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