Perhaps MSFC PAO Could Clear Up Some Confusion

Editor's note: Last week, NASA Watch reported "Tony Lavoie, who had served at MSFC as NASA's Lunar Precursor and Robotic Program Manager, has been reassigned. No formal replacement has been announced. Nor has NASA PAO replied (yet) to an inquiry I submitted yesterday regarding this move." I heard from HQ PAO on Wednesday. When I asked if Lavoie had been reassigned - and if so, what his new job was - PAO said "We do not comment on personnel matters". When I asked who the current head of the Lunar Precursor and Robotic Program was, PAO again declined to answer personnel questions, and suggested that I contact MSFC PAO. Does NASA ESMD really not know who is in charge of this activity at MSFC? I doubt it. Must be that dang Operating Plan again.

So, how about it, MSFC PAO, help me out. "Who" is running "what" down there?

Alas, if you check This link for the Lunar Programs & Projects Office at MSFC, which says that it was "Last Updated: 31 December 1969.", (screen grab of page before it was fixed) all seems to be well - Heck, RLEP-2 is mentioned, yet there is no mention of mission cancellations, etc. So maybe this is all just a lot of noise and armwaving after all.

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Oh yes - the NASA Watch Bad Internet Security Award for today goes to the people who run this page. Click on either 2007 News Articles Archive or 2006 News Articles Archive. In both cases, the page opens - and after it has opened a username/password box drops down which says "To view this page, you need to log in to area "Intranet Web Site" on". Well, since you can already read the page, just click "cancel" and this pointless box will disappear. (See this screengrab to see what happened before the MSFC folks fixed it this morning). Please tell me how this username/password box limits access to this page? This is not security, it is an annoyance. Also, isn't it a sad state of affairs when security screw ups like this only get fixed when NASA Watch makes mention of them?

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