Billy O Still MIA

STS-116 crew completes European tour, ESA

"I never ever thought there would be such enormous interest as there has been," said ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang, commenting on the European post-flight tour he has just completed together with the rest of the STS-116 Space Shuttle crew. In just nine days the crew worked through an intensive schedule of presentations and visits in five European countries."

Editor's note: Look at the photos and read the article. Where's Bill Oefelein? He's back at NASA after hiding from the media his vacation, right? He doesn't seem to care much for doing public appearances any more - yet the remainder of his STS-116 crew mates certainly do. He's missed several at NASA already. I thought this was part of what astronauts are required to do? Or is he too busy laying low?

This email may provide a few clues:

FROM William Oefelein to Colleen Shipman: Here are a few more specifics about the Europe trip for your planning purposes. Hope you can make this one too!! I promise to stop bugging you with these annoying trips but I need my beautiful Irish girl to keep the evil, ugly bread canister ladies away from me. I'm not sure when Christer needs the names, but if it looks like a abetter than 50% chance you can go I will let him know. Don't feel pressured to have to make a definitive decision though. I understand you have your other commitments so we will see what happens. By the way, if you think you may be able to go, you'll need a passport. I assume yours is still valid from before? Was is a blue one or brown one?

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