Can You Hear Me Now? Sen. Nelson's Shouting Press Officer Responds

Editor's update: I just got an obnoxious phone call from Dan McLaughlin (Sen. Nelson's office) who has a propensity for yelling - actually the better term is "bellowing" - at the top of his lungs into his speakerphone.

He refused to address any question regarding access that fellow Democrats on the House Science and Technology Committee are allowing to the press - even though Sen. Nelson has sought to join himself at the hip with the concerns voiced by that committee. He also said that Sen. Nelson had called for the release of this report and that any suggestions I have posted with regard to Nelson releasing it are "misplaced" and that I should be calling on the President's Council on Integrity and Efficency itself to release this report.

When I asked him why Sen. Nelson's office would not release these two letters (between Johnson and Burrus - I had to remind McLaughlin as to who they were) he declined to answer that question but instead bellowed that there is no reason why evidence of wrong doing is required for dismissal.

When I asked why Nelson was selectively quoting the report McLaughlin said that Nelson was either quoting cover letters or other publicly released documents - or press reports - and that he was not quoting anything in the report itself.

Note to Dan Mclaughlin: When I asked you to stop yelling multiple times you simply continued to yell. I had to turn down the volume and hold the phone a foot and a half away from my head while you yelled at me. Eventually you claimed that this was due to the fact that you have a hearing problem. Well so do I - and I don't yell at people on speakerphones like you did! Indeed, the fact that I made multiple requests for you to stop shouting at me should have been a rather obvious clue that I could hear you. Or was the shouting for some other purpose?

If you are going to call so as to yell at me again in the future, just don't call. Send an email instead. You can TYPE IN UPPERCASE LETTERS and do your shouting that way.

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