Fun With Canadian Custom Authorities

Editor's note: According to the official FMARS blog for the Mars Society's latest exploits on Devon Island, the non-Canadian team members show a paper to immigration authorities upon entering Canada which states that the project is a "joint venture" of NASA and the CSA. (see image of actual immigration form - "CSA" is blacked out in this image) Neither CSA or NASA has issued any press releases about this stating that they officially collaborate on this project. Indeed, the blog posting notes that CSA hasn't even cleared this statement yet. Stay tuned.

Editor's update: Well, the Mars Society guy (James Harris) who made this post is trying to run away from what he wrote - but he's doing it on another blog - and in so doing he's trying to take NASA funding of one effort in the U.S. and apply it to his project in the arctic as if NASA has endorsed it as well as a "joint venture". Sorry - it just does not work that way. If there was a press release, I must have missed it. The link he offers up as some sort of excuse makes no mention of anything happening on Devon Island - past, present, or future.

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