Good Grief, Now its a "Battle"

Battle Between Administration, Congress Over NASA Inspector General

"On Monday, these lawmakers received a report on Cobb's conduct from the president's Council on Integrity and Efficiency, which has been investigating complaints against Cobb dating back several years. The report paints a picture of an official who abused his office and failed to report a major security breach."

Editor's note: Instead of releasing selective excerpts from this report, why won't Sen. Nelson et al simply release the entire report so that everyone can read everything for themselves? Right now all the taxpaying public has to go on is what Nelson, Gordon, and Miller want us to know. Yet what they do not want us to know is withheld from public scrutiny. Indeed, if these elected officials are going to threaten to subpoena people and use the word "Battle" in press releases - all at a time when NASA's budget and its ability to do things is at issue - shouldn't all the facts be out in plain sight?

Or is this just politics - not governance - on display?

Editor's update: It would seem that if reporters contact the House Science and Technology Committee press office, they will let you come in and examine parts of the report - but not all of it - and they won't let you make a copy. Why are media allowed to read it but not taxpayers? And why are only portions available?

As for Sen. Nelson's sudden prudishness over the use of profanity in the workplace - the Vice President of the United States used the F-word on the floor of the Senate - to a fellow member of the Senate. Shouldn't Sen. Nelson go after him too?

Also, word has it that the House Science and Technology Committee is becoming increasingly annoyed with Sen. Nelson. Apparently, the House members are miffed that Sen. Nelson (who has a personal bone to pick with NASA IG Cobb) took their issue and went nuclear with it.

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