Griffin: Mistake to Base ISS on Science Alone

NASA Strategic Management Council Meeting Minutes and Actions 21 February 2007: "First Item of Business: Opening Comments and Upcoming Agency Decisions Administrator Mike Griffin made the following announcements: ... - New assignment for SMD Deputy: He announced his request of SMD Deputy Associate Administrator Colleen Hartman to undertake a special assignment working with the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) to reduce the gap between NASA's exploration and science programs."

"Griffin stated that many scientists preferred a lunar sortie strategy to the Agency's outpost strategy. He recognized the role that humans play in enabling science, but he encouraged scientists to consider how their objectives ca be met through the Agency's chosen outpost approach. Griffin told members that NASA would not repeat the mistake made when advocating for the International Space Station (ISS) solely as a scientific research laboratory. He said it is not necessary to justify ISS and NASA's lunar exploration solely on the benefit to science, but stated that both are valid and important steps along the way to reaching other goals."

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