Let's Hang The IG From The Nearest Tree

Key Lawmakers Call For Removal of NASA IG

"Among other things, investigators found that Cobb lunched, played golf with and traveled with former NASA chief and Bush appointee Sean OKeefe raising questions about his independence."

Editor's update: While this report has yet to be released, I just can't help but find it rather curious how someone such as Sen. Nelson who shamelessly used the influence of his official position to press NASA to get a ride on a Space Shuttle mission (while contributing nothing of value to that mission) would be so indignant about such alleged conflict of interest issues. And, of course, Sen. Nelson never eats lunch with anyone ....

Lawmakers want NASA watchdog fired, NBC

"Congressional sources who have read the report said it faulted Cobb for rough language in the office, and for banging on his desk when addressing employees. "There was liberal use of the so-called 'F-word' in Mr. Cobb's language," one source said. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not officially authorized to discuss the report."

Editor's update: How much more hypocritical can we get folks? Where do I start? Congressional staffers are willing to leak things - and speak about something they have been told not to speak about - but that's OK when it comes to an ethics report about someone else's behavior!? Gimme a break. As for using the 'F-word'. Oh, gee, how terrible. I guess I'll have to start recording some of the profane words I have heard openly spoken in hallways and offices after hours on the Hill - by Senators, Congressmen, and their staff ... and there is at least one female aerospace lobbyist I once heard swearing into her cellphone in the lobby of the Reagan building - a large, overtly public place which tends to echo .... for that matter, the Vice President of the United States used the F-word on the floor of the Senate - to a member of the Senate. Shouldn't Sen. Nelson go after him too?

Contributions received by Bill Nelson, FEC (Bill Nelson Campaign)

Do As I Say - Not As I Do, earlier post

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