Questionable Tactics Used By Congress to Pursue NASA IG

Gordon, Miller, Nelson Move Toward Hearings on NASA IG Investigation

"According to press reports today however, President Bush has determined that NASA's recommendation that Mr. Cobb develop 'an individual leadership/management plan' while attending a resident course at the Federal Executive Institute is sufficient to address these findings," stated the Members in their letter to OMB. "We respectfully disagree. As a result, we are preparing for possible hearings to investigate Mr. Cobb's conduct as Inspector General."

Editor's update: "According to press reports today however, President Bush has determined ..." You are basing this official Congressional activity on "press reports" of what the White House is possibly going to do? Have you folks even bothered to ask the White House for an answer on this matter? Also, this report hasn't been released yet. So why are you folks (and your staff) talking about the report's contents? Why are you revealing only portions of what is in it? There certainly seems to be a lapse of professional ethics on your collective part in condoning that sort of behavior.

Let's Hang The IG From The Nearest Tree, earlier post

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