Space is broken, badly broken - but it can be fixed

Lockheed-Martin CEO: crisis in aerospace engineering, EE Times

"Lockheed-Martin Corp. CEO Robert Stevens warned Tuesday (March 10) that "space is broken, badly broken" and the U.S. space effort needs an infusion of both federal funds and a revitalized engineering infrastructure to rescue both civilian and military efforts."

Where Democrats and Republicans should boldly go, opinion, LA Times

"Republicans and Democrats must come together on seeing the "Vision for Space" through. Any delay would cost the taxpayers billions of dollars in research and development and further increase the time from when the space shuttle stops flying in 2010 until we get the next-generation Orion spacecraft into orbit. Even with the current "vision," it is anticipated that our nation will have no Americans flying on American spacecraft for at least four to six years. A delay now would put our nation at a serious disadvantage in terms of national security."

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