The Blogosphere Reacts to Yuri's Night at ARC

Photos of Yuri's Night Bay Area 2007, A Giant Party at NASA, (photos) Laughing Squid

"Last night's Yuri's Night Bay Area 2007 party was amazing. The night was in honor of Yuri Gagarin, who in 1961 was the first person to travel to space and orbit the earth. ... Yuri's Night Bay Area 2007 felt like a really nice mix of space travel expo, Burning Man and Maker Faire. I really hope there do it there again next year."

Yuri's Night, (photos) Redundantly Redundant

Yuri's Night 2007 (Photos), qdot

Yuri's Night, Matt's Waste of Your Time

"They had science exhibits, food, drinks, music, art, and a lot of stuff that's rather hard to classify. It was an odd combination of a party, a science fair, and Burning Man. It's kinda amazing to think of a Soviet accomplishment being celebrated on a NASA base, too."

A bit of Burning Man on a Military Base? There's hope yet!

"I am so inspired, this is how we are going to change this culture, not by beating people over the head and simply creating more resistance and conflict, but by opening our arms and welcoming people in and letting them see that there is another way that people can be with one another. People always talk about taking Burning Man home and out of the Playa and out of just our community of subversives. . and well, here it is!!"

Yuri's Night, Hickory

"It was hard to convince myself that this was happening as I watched the huge NASA logo changing colors. To some people it was just a party, to others it was so much more. To me it almost felt like we were celebrating on the flight deck of a space station. If a troop of aliens would have walked in, I wouldn't have been surprised. For all I know, they were watching from one of the many offices surrounding the hangar floor."

Yuri's night, doohickey

"I wanted to write a little about Yuri's night. I was SO excited to visit NASA and see science projects and research and hear speakers. I got there and did get to see Saturn. Yes! Saturn through a telescope that was 600 MILLION miles away. OMG! Hooray! It had little rings, looked yellow and was sideways. (I know you are all aware of that)."

Yuri's Night in Second Life ... Wow!, Space CoLAB

Yuri's Night 2007 A Confluence of Culture in San Francisco, SpacePorts

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