B612 Foundation Posts Entire NASA NEO Report

Complete NASA Report "2006 Near Earth Object Survey and Deflection Study" Online at B612 Foundation Website

"The technical report ("2006 Near Earth Object Survey and Deflection Study") backing up NASA's recent summary report to Congress on NEOs is now available on the B612 Foundation website. ... B612 Foundation believes that openness and transparency on the NEO issue is critical to maintaining public confidence in those with responsibility for their safety. While NEO impacts occur very infrequently when they do the devastation can exceed that of any other natural hazard. Furthermore, with adequate warning NEO impacts can actually be prevented, unlike most other natural hazards."

Editor's note: As the B612 Foundation notes on their website: "The analytic work supporting the summary report to Congress is being withheld from public review by NASA despite it having been published as a 3-color glossy "Final Report" and distributed internally." I have yet to hear a single, rational reason why this information is being withheld from public scrutiny.

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