Its a Forrest Gump Day for Keith

Editor's note: After I finished my live interview with the ISS crew orbiting above the Earth (done on site at NASA ARC) I headed up to SF International Airport extra early to catch my flight home. The taxi driver could not find JetBlue. Eventually we were directed to the International Terminal. Before I knew it I was in a crowd of a hundred people - apparently, I was the only passenger! I knew by now that this was the very first Jet Blue flight from San Francisco to New York. Soon enough I was shaking hands with the CEO of Jet Blue urging him to get flights out of Dulles. Now I am sitting amidst a loud party at gate A-10 while people on stilts walking around advertising "more leg room". Meanwhile, the live orchestra keeps trying to do a passable imitation of Tony Bennett singing "I left My Heart in San Francisco". As the passengers from the New York flight entered a loud cheer went up. Gee, I wonder what's next on the agenda today?

Update: as it happens, the first person to check in got two free round trip tickets. Bummer. I was the second person to check in (almost won!). The mayor of SF was there as were a lot of local dignitaries. This got old fast. I just wanted to get on the plane and go home. When I arrived home I got this official thank you email. All in all, a curious day.

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