NASA IG Investigation Update

Editor's note: The House IG hearings have morphed again. Last week, the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Aeronautics, and Related Sciences was removed as a co-sponsor of what was to have been a joint event. At the same time the House added some additional things to throw at NASA just as the Senate dropped out. Now, the witness list has been published and curiously, everyone except the NASA IQ himself is set to testify. How odd that the House won't even give the NASA IG the chance to defend himself in an open hearing.

Panel 1
Ms. Evelyn R. Klemstine, Assistant IG for Auditing, Office of Inspector General, NASA
Mr. Kevin Winters, Assistant IG for Investigations, Office of Inspector General, NASA

Panel 2
Mr. Paul Morrell, Chief of Staff, Office of the Administrator, NASA
Mr. Michael Wholley, General Counsel, NASA

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