NASA JPL HSPD-12 Meeting Ends Abruptly

Reader note: "Today we (JPL folks) learned that Rep. Rush Holt has taken up our cause and has asked the Secretary of Commerce to explain why so much personal information is needed for the new HSPD-12 badging process. Text is here.

In addition, I attended today's standing-room-only meeting to discuss the new badging process to JPL'ers and the presenters refused to discuss several key issues regarding how the data is to be handled, who has access to the data, and why the release form allows investigators access to *any* records including financial and medical. It was made very clear to the employees that if we didn't "voluntarily" give them the information they seek, that we wouldn't have a job come October 29th."

"The highlight of the meeting came when someone pointed out that most of us would be commiting perjury if we signed a release stating that we gave the information voluntarily. Randy Aden, JPL security chief, directed his staff member not to addesss the question and the meeting ended abruptly."

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